"Sakura Sky" Set + Coin (flawed)
"Sakura Sky" Set + Coin (flawed)

"Sakura Sky" Set + Coin (flawed)

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Wisps of fragile pink blossoms float gently in a sparkling bright blue sky filled with puffy white clouds. This is an 8 piece set, which is the standard 7 polyhedrals, plus a d2 coin. Inked in metallic rose quartz. Includes free matching cat guardian.

Please Note: 

This set has some flaws outside the normal handmade process, and has been priced down accordingly. The pink blossoms in this set faded more than ones I've made in the past and are not as vibrant in color. As for flaws, the "bad" faces of the dice are pictured in the last photo and include a flawed 8 number on the d8, some shallow numbers, mold lines, and flat finish. The d2 coin also has a small mold mark on one side. 

Price: $65


(Dice may have small flaws due to the handmade process, such as sanding marks, scratches, or dots, but anything outside of this normal will be described here, and will always be priced accordingly. Satisfaction with your purchase is my priority.)