Hand-crafted and Fate-touched

From homemade molds, to an original font, to casting in resin, to hours of meticulous polishing by hand...

...each set of dice has been uniquely crafted to inspire the characters you bring to life at your table, forging their destiny with every roll.

Next Sale Date

Sunday, October 31st, 2021 6pm CDT

This restock will be Part 2 of the obvious theme:


I will post up-coming dice previews on my Instagram as soon as possible in advance of the sale date.

Once the sale is live, navigate to "Handmade Dice Sets" and "Handmade d20s & More" in order to purchase.

Please be aware, they tend to sell out super-fast, and I can only sell them as fast as I can make them. Thank you for your patience and support of an independent artist and her small business.

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Handmade Dice Sets

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Handmade d20s & More

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Now Shipping to the UK & the Netherlands

As well as Canada, Australia, and USA

***Please Be Aware: International Shipping may be subject to delays. However, the last few months have been fine.***

UK and the Netherlands have been added to international shipping options!

If all goes well, I'll open to other requested locations for future sales.

Testimonials from Instagram

I won some GORGEOUS dice from @touchstone_dice giveaway. They're so beautiful, very similar to the borealis orange set and nearly flawless. If you aren't following them you should definitely go do that immeadiately.


My handmade Osiris dice arrive from @touchstone_dice and they're STUNNING!

I'm dead, guys. Dead.


@touchstone_dice makes the best, most fabulous dice and you get a kitty kat guardian, how cool is THAT!


I seriously cannot recommend Touchstone Dice enough. These dice are absolutely breathtaking and then some! I am seriously so in love with them, they are so perfect for my winter eladrin barbarian!


I'm excited to take pictures of these babies in the sun. @touchstone_dice makes gorgeous dice, definitely recommend if you're looking for handmade beauties.