"Polar Borealis" 7pc set
"Polar Borealis" 7pc set
"Polar Borealis" 7pc set

"Polar Borealis" 7pc set

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This set feels like it ushers in the next ice age, with ribbons of cat's eye effect like a frozen aurora, scatters of diamond-like flake, and swirls of galaxy glitter. Each die contains multitudes and glows with a stunning prismatic corona in bright light. Inked in Chrome. (Note that this set does have a few slightly sunken faces that do not detract from the set and will not impact gameplay.)

Includes my Creation Coin (d2) & free matching cat guardian.


Standard set of 7: $130

(Chonk d20 pictured is not included and available separately.)

(Dice may have small flaws due to the handmade process, such as sanding marks, scratches, or dots, but anything outside of this normal will be described here, and will always be priced accordingly. Satisfaction with your purchase is my priority.)