"MURDER" d4 Duo

"MURDER" d4 Duo

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Stark, bone-white opaque dice with distressed black marks and numbering. Spattered violently in blood-red enamel. A duo of d4s in the classic caltrop style.

CAUTION: Sharp! Seriously, don't drop these guys.

Please Read Before Purchasing: 

These sets differ from my usual in that they are heavily pockmarked and distressed. This is a design choice, and in fact, I used a special resin to achieve some surface bubbles, mold marks and distorted numbers. (See last photo for a closer look.) Neither this distressing nor the enamel spatter will significantly impact their randomness enough to effect use in play.

Also, I have tested the durability of the enamel spatter for a year, and it holds up perfectly to normal use. However, I do recommend use of a dice tray, to help keep them in the best condition.