"Lost Pearl" Chonk d20 (flawed)
"Lost Pearl" Chonk d20 (flawed)

"Lost Pearl" Chonk d20 (flawed)

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Inspired by mother-of-pearl, with a multi-colored but muted sheen throughout and hidden depths with lots of movement and subtle textures. Inked in 14k gold.

NOTE: This die has a larger-than-normal mold indentation along the 11 face, and I've reduced its price accordingly. Readability and edge integrity remain; the cosmetic flaw will not measurably impact randomness for gameplay. (See photo.)

30mm Chonk d20 (flawed): $25

(Dice may have small flaws due to the handmade process, such as sanding marks, scratches, or dots, but anything outside of this normal will be described here, and will always be priced accordingly. Satisfaction with your purchase is my priority.)