"Gunslinger" 7pc Set
"Gunslinger" 7pc Set
"Gunslinger" 7pc Set
"Gunslinger" 7pc Set

"Gunslinger" 7pc Set

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Grey opaque dice with distressed black marks and numbering, giving the appearance of having been hewn from rock. Hand-painted with specks and smudges of black powder and rivulets of molten silver. Includes a free cat guardian.

Please Read Before Purchasing: 

These sets differ from my usual in that they are heavily pockmarked and distressed. This is a design choice, and in fact, I used a special resin to achieve some surface bubbles, mold marks and distorted numbers. Neither this distressing nor the enamel spatter will significantly impact their randomness enough to effect use in play.

Also, I have tested the durability of the enamel spatter for a year, and it holds up perfectly to normal use. This set has also been sealed with a resin spray coat to protect the shine of the chrome paint. However, I do recommend use of a dice tray, to help protect from scratches.




(Dice may have flaws due to the handmade process, such as sanding marks, scratches, or dots, but anything outside of this normal will be described here, and will always be priced accordingly. Satisfaction with your purchase is my priority.)